• Jetty

  • Ponton Gate A

    Ponton Gate B

  • Telecommunication

    Public Telephone

  • Internet

    BMS Wireless & Hot Spot

  • Parking

  • Motor Cycle Parking

    Car Parking

    left view

    Car Parking

  • Location Map

  • TFBC view

    TFBC night

    TFBC view

    TFBC view
    tentang pelabuhan

  • Shuttle Service
  • P.I.D.S

  • english
    PIDS is Public Information Display System that displays of daily schedule to all shipping agents in Ferry Terminal Batam Centre and displays information or advertisment for public.

  • BMS
  • BMS adalah aplikasi yang dapat memfasilitasi, meng-akomodir dan mengintegrasikan checkin counter, serta berkomunikasi secara online dengan Ferry Provider (Agen), Imigrasi, UPT Laut, dan Pengelola.

  • Taxi

  • Counter Taxi

  • Search & Rescue
  • Ambulance
  • Security
  • Others

  • Direct Access to Mall

    Hall/Boarding Gate

    Side View

    Arrival Lobby